Mountain Marble

Mark Sinsky, AIA

Mark Sinsky, Architect, PA

“When I’m working on a project, I can relax knowing Hank Strauss and Mountain Marble are handling the stone.  Hank really knows his product and what it can or can't do. For example: I wanted a granite coping on an outdoor pool, Hank suggested the perfect (and not the most expensive) non-slip granite for the application.
I had selected beautiful Labradorite granite for my own kitchen. We were fixed on having a chiseled, textured edge, but the shop determined that the edge would not work well with this type of granite. They were right. We went with the cut and polished edge and it is perfect.
I've seen other jobs where a client had picked black granite from another fabricator, but the shade of the slabs was off—enough to cause problems. That sort of thing doesn’t happen with Mountain Marble.
It's not just about having the perfect stone; it's about knowing what it can or can't do. Hank and Mountain Marble will get the client the right stone and get the installation right as well.”

Mark Sinsky
Architect, PA


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