Mountain Marble

Bruce Christensen

Fabrication Team - Shop Foreman

As Shop Foreman, Bruce keeps a discerning eye on every aspect of the fabrication process, bringing over 30 years of experience to bear. “I started doing stonework in South Carolina in the 1980s,” he explains, “and I fell in love with working with stone—with being hands-on. The stone itself is beautiful, but the craftsmanship that goes on behind the scenes is what really brings it to life.”
Bruce joined the Mountain Marble team in 1996 and has been bringing that dedication to excellence to each job that passes through the workshop ever since. “Everybody here knows what our quality standard is. If that means going back and finessing the details, we’ll keep at it until we get it right. I think everyone has that mentality here. We want to do justice to the material.”
 From the time the client’s job is ordered and scheduled, Christensen is there to ensure that the process moves along smoothly: coordinating, supporting each artisan and troubleshooting any obstacles that may arise. “We’re working with a natural material and that can be challenging,” he observes. “You have to meet those challenges with patience and tenacity.”
The payoff? “The greatest satisfaction is at the job site,” he says. “When the seaming is done right, it looks like the stone was cut right out of the mountain and put back in order. Everything just flows.”

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