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Karl Stottlemeyer

Fabrication Team - Templator

It’s often said that the Devil is in the details, but our templator, Karl Stottlemyer, isn’t intimidated. Karl is responsible for gathering the measurements that our artisans will use to translate the client’s conceptual designs into the finished product.
Armed with his trusty, state-of-the-art digital laser measuring devices, he’s usually the first team member on the site. “As the templator, you’re the point man,” he explains. “I get to meet with the customer to make certain that the dimensions and specifications we have are accurate and that they reflect what the client wants. Sometimes that changes in the field—things aren’t as expected or there’s something better that can be done—so you have to be flexible and adjust to the situation to get resolution.”
Karl began working in the stone business while living in Colorado and joined the Mountain Marble team as an installer in 2001. Since that time, he’s also been a fabricator in our shop—experience that gives him an excellent overview of the process and an appreciation for the team effort. “We’ve gotten really good at the relay,” he notes
“If I can come in to the house, work out the details and make the client completely comfortable with what we’re doing, it behooves everybody who works on the project afterwards. That way, when the installers show up, the customer can be confident that they are going to get a finished product that will function beautifully over time.”

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