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Gabe Johnson

Fabrication Team - Sawyer

Giving the appearance of a cohesive surface of granite or marble within a kitchen or bath doesn’t happen by magic. It’s the skilled work and trained eye of Gabe Johnson that makes it appear to blend so naturally.
A member of the Mountain Marble team since 1999, Gabe has been working with stone for over two decades. As the “sawyer”, it is Gabe’s exceptional gift for reading the pattern and character of each slab of stone that allows him to translate the measurements of a template into the optimal rough cuts that will go on become the finished product. “The stone has a voice,” notes Richard Kearly, “and it really speaks to Gabe.”
Perhaps it’s Gabe’s talents as a visual artist that gives him such an eye for detail and sense of composition, allowing him to envision the final outcome. “Some stones are hard to match, particularly those with lots of veins. You have to visualize how it will all flow together. You also need to know your materials— to set up the initial cut so that everything is integrated, but has structural integrity as well.”
Gabe also supervises the stone yard, grouping slabs by grade and color and displaying them in a way that helps the customer to see the potential inherent in the stone…potential that Gabe and the team will help them to realize.

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