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Kent Origer

Fabrication Team - Programmer

Computers have brought the stone industry into a new age, but the end result is only as good as the input from skilled programmers. Here at Mountain Marble, Kent Origer is the man behind the machine, defining how the massive CNC (Computer Navigated Control) will cut, bevel and finish each piece of stone that has been prepared by the sawyer.
As our resident computer wiz, Kent carefully delineates the parameters and specifications of each individual piece that the highly responsive CNC fashions—exact to a hair-width—from overall shape and size to edging to openings for sinks and faucets.
Kent’s background in computer science, coupled with his hands-on experience in our stone yards and fabrication shop, gives him the sensibility—and the sensitivity—for this very precise and demanding role. A member of the Mountain Marble team since 2006, he interprets the highly detailed plans that have been provided to him, merging his careful calculations on the computer keyboard with the skills of the other artisans in the shop to produce a beautiful and meticulously crafted product that will satisfy the most exacting standards. 

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