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Hank Strauss

Founder & Stone Aficionado

“I like to think of myself as the village stone guy,” says Mountain Marble’s founder, Hank Strauss, “just like the village cobbler or the village blacksmith. If someone needs stone, it doesn’t matter what size or amount. We’re here at your service.” 
That would be a fair assessment; he’s made this his life’s work. With decades of experience in the business and an encyclopedic knowledge of (and passion for) stone, Hank has an unwavering dedication to providing the community he lives in with exceptional product and craftsmanship. But he’s quick to point out that he doesn’t do it alone.
“There’s no way that any given individual can educate themselves about the ten thousand details that are involved in any given project,” Hank explains. “Most shops are organized with one key guy—usually the owner. I have a team who are specialists. My foreman has been in the business almost as long as I have—always in the shop. He has a physical set of skills that far surpasses mine. Between the two of us, we offer a broad spectrum of knowledge of how things are, how things will go and what can be expected.”
Hank’s team would probably compare him to a symphony conductor—bringing together a group of talented individuals, working with beautiful material and merging them to create an exquisite, harmonious result. “Hank is incredibly knowledgeable about stone,” says one staffer, “but he’s also very intuitive about people. He knows how to inspire them to give their absolute best.”
And Hank is all about offering the best to his clients, regardless of the scope of the job.  “Our deal is educational—taking you by the hand, walking you through the process and then doing what we are professionals at so that the end result is what you were looking for,” Hank asserts. “If the customer understands what defines quality stone and what identifies superior fabrication, then Mountain Marble will be the natural choice.” 

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