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Tracy Pinegar

Front Office Administrator

Tracy Pinegar, our front office administrator, understands the importance of clear communication. Trained as a machinist in the Navy, she has spent her civilian years doing the exacting finish work on titanium parts for airplane engines.
Now, armed with a degree in accounting, she has brought her talent for detail and commitment to excellence to Mountain Marble. “I greet the customers and get them started,” she says. “Once they’ve had a consultation with our sales staff and made a choice of stone, I take all of their information, their blueprints or drawings and create a comprehensive file for the fabrication team. I make sure that the team has everything they need to follow through. We all just want to do a good job and make the customer happy. It’s a real team effort.”
Along the way, Tracy has developed a deep appreciation for the natural materials that the team works with and how they craft that material. “I’m focusing on learning stone. The stone may be given a general name by the industry, but these slabs are really individual…each has a personality. I see the slabs here in the yard, and it really amazes me what they become…how the team joins pieces so well that it looks like that’s how it was in the ground.
“That’s how we like the whole process to be for our customers: as seamless as possible.”

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